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DCUO Death of Superman Event Going On Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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DC Universe Online’s latest event is the Death of Superman and it’s going now through June 9. This’ll be your chance at new rewards, bonus currency, and more.

During the event period, you’ll receive double Tributes when you complete any instance or mission in Death of Superman. You’ll also receive a 50% discount on Death of Superman gear when you visit vendors.

If you want to play Death of Superman, be sure to be on the lookout for the Doomsday raid (easy) in the Tier 2 section in the 8-player On Duty menu. Alternatively, you can look for Doomsday raid (hard) in the same menu. You can also look for the Last Son of Kyrpton solo found in the 1-player On Duty menu. Finally, check out your map and travel to the Doomed Metropolis to find missions there.

Rewards include Doomsday Totem and Streaky the Supercat found at the Death of Superman vendor. Additionally, you’ll receive bonus stabilizer fragments when you complete daily Stabilizer events from the On Duty menu.

Do note, however, these rewards are different depending on your access level:

  • Members
    • Standard Reward: 6 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 30 Stabilizer Fragments (two complete Stabilizers)
  • Premium Access Level
    • Standard Reward: 4 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 20 Stabilizer Fragments (one and one-third complete Stabilizers)
  • Free Players
    • Standard Reward: 3 Stabilizer Fragments
    • 5X BONUS Reward: 15 Stabilizer Fragments (one complete Stabilizer)

You can learn more about the event and its details here. Recently, it was announced that all DCUO episodes will be made free ahead of the summer expansion. You can catch up on that news here. Additionally, check out our jump back into DCUO from our MMO Reroll series.


Poorna Shankar