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DC Universe Online's New Roadmap Delays Episode 44 To Fall Due To Staff Shortages

Survival and Save the Universe also returning

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new development update, DC Universe Online's dev team detailed some of the roadmap players can expect through the rest of the year, including news that Episode 44 will now be delayed into October. Dimensional Ink cites the reason for this due to staffing shortages.

The new post on the DCUO website details what players can expect moving forward through the rest of 2022, including the return of both Save the Universe and Survival modes to the MMO. These will return this summer, as well as the Tides of War seasonal event. 

Landon Falls, DCUO's Executive Producer also makes note that players who are jumping into the superhero MMO on PlayStation 5 should hopefully see the fruits of the dev team's labor as they work towards a native PS5 client. The Dimensional Ink team is also working on two new allies, hoping to launch them in Q3 2022. However, if you were hoping for a new lair as well as the new feature system, Falls states that those are seemingly on hold. 

Additionally, Episodes 44 and 45 are being pushed back, with 44 launching now in October while Episode 45 has been pushed to 2023 due to "staff shortages." However, Falls hopes that the return of Save the Universe and the Survival Mode will help "keep things fresh."

I also want to call attention to Episodes 44 and 45. Episode 44 is now planned to launch this October and Episode 45 will launch early next year. Work has already begun on 44, but we would not have been able to meet our previous deadlines due to some recent staff shortages. Our new event, Save the Universe content, and Survival Mode will help fill the gap and keep things fresh.

You can check out the full post on the DCUO website.


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