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DC Universe Online's Latest Update Improves Loot Rewards, Adjusts Allies to Account Wide

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update to DC Universe Online now makes every Ally you purchase account wide, improves the way Omnibus bosses and your weekly reward boxes reward loot, and makes changes to end game scaling.

When it comes to buying allies from the marketplace, now they are account wide. If you bought one before this happened, you’ll be able to claim them for each character from the marketplace claim tab. If you bought the same ally on different characters before they were account wide, Daybreak has issued refunds.

Changing the way some loot works, rewards from Omnibus bosses and reward boxes will now add skilled gear in place of attuned gear boxes. You can choose from one for damage and one for your subclass. This should make loot a lot more suitable and decrease player frustration.

Endgame changes are about scaling and keeping the experience fun and competitive for players at different level being scaled up or down. Some of these changes include raising the stat ceiling for tiers so that players scaled-down will have a combat rating 15 higher than enemy NPCs. Players who are being scaled down and use Custom Play will benefit from the early end game buff if at least half of the team is being scaled up. 

This will encourage players of different levels to play together and to not be too heavy on anyone’s side. For players that are being scaled up in On Duty content, they will get a damage buff in 2,4, and 8 player content. For some added help, if they’re below 50% of health at the time they’re fighting,  they can block to heal. This will help if the group doesn’t currently have a dedicated healer and it will make sure that things remain competitive and accessible for all to play together.

Check the full patch notes at DC Universe Online.


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