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DC Universe Online's 10th Anniversary Event Begins

New missions, raid, rewards

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The 10th Anniversary for DC Universe Online is here and brings a new event raid and an elite raid. Here are the details for this anniversary.

The new event raid will see you try to stop the Anti-Monitor. Be sure to check out your On Duty menu. You can queue up for the Speed Force Flux or Speed Force Flux Elite versions under the events tab. Be prepared though for that elite raid.

New open world missions are on tap as well. You can take advantage of new daily missions, new weekly missions, and new bounty missions created specifically for this anniversary. Look for Monitoring The Situation in your journal.

Finally, an anniversary wouldn’t be complete without rewards. Here are your rewards for this anniversary:

  • Unlock new styles inspired by The Flash and Professor Zoom.
  • Earn scaling gear based on your character's Combat Rating up to Item Level 270.
    • Members and Long Live The Legion owners will earn scaling gear up to Item Level 283 in the Elite Raid.
  • Earn Qwardian Crowns (anniversary currency) to use at the anniversary vendor.
    • Members and Episode owners will additionally earn Lex Coins (Birds of Prey), Splintered Coins (Wonderverse), or Solar Credits (Long Live The Legion) in the new raid, determined by your character's Combat Rating.
  • Earn Elite Commendations from prior Episodes when successful in the Elite Raid.
  • Collect new Boss Triumph Statues (base items) from DCUO's most challenging foes from the last 10 years.


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