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DC Universe Online Takes Action on Exploiters After Fixing 'Obscure and Challenging' Bug

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Recently, after DC Universe Online’s game update 119, there was a very significant bug introduced Could be exploited. The bug and the resulting exploit that happened impacted everything in the game that utilized fortification. The team fixed the bug, and has since been taking action and planning further action against those who took advantage, according to Senior Community Manager Mepps.

“This was one of the most obscure and challenging bugs / exploits I have personally seen in these past (nearly) 12 years. The team worked all hours and vigorously to find the problem and get a fix out. Even so, the issues still took nearly a full week to resolve and that was too long. I apologize for this delay - we apologize for this situation - and we will work to prevent similar events in the future.”

Mepps announced that over 800 accounts were indefinitely suspended for exploiting the bug from update 119. They will continue to investigate the circumstances under which these accounts interacted and possibly exploited and expect that most of those accounts will end up being permanently banned in January. They also believe that there will be more accounts suspended or banned. In other words, the investigation isn't over and more punishments are likely on the way.

The extensive bug and initial exploits and work to fix it took a week, so that’s one reason that the subsequent penalties are also being handled in stages. Since it is fixed, however, they don't expect to have to disable fortification. It's obvious that this was a difficult challenge and the first bug and exploit also created additional issues, but the team will fix those issues in the new year and are advising anyone who has any problems with their characters or see anything missing to have patience.

The DC Universe Online team is advising only to contact support if a bug happens that prevents you from playing the game because they are aware of the bugs that are outstanding and promised to quickly fix them when the team is back to full in the new year.


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