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DC Universe Online Releases New Episode: Metal Part 1

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Today the DCUO team rolled out Game Update 97 to all platforms including Nintendo Switch. The update brings a new episode to the game in Metal Part I, as well as changes to artifacts, artifact catalyst consolidation and weapon mastery.

Per the official post on the DCUO  website:

“Batman has gone missing and the race for Metal has begun! The Dark Knights and the Justice League scour the universe for rare forms of Metal - the keys to victory in the war between the Multiverse and the Darkness. As heroes and villains alike race across Earth, Oa, Themyscira, and beyond, the Bruce Waynes of the Dark Multiverse hatch plans of their own. Metal Part I features new daily and weekly Open World missions, a Solo and Alert, as well as normal and Elite versions of two new Raids!”

Other features of the update and episode include:  

  • Earn a new currency: Dark Metal Coins!
  • Upgrade new Augments!
  • Acquire new gear inspired by Donna Troy and The Merciless!
  • Plus collect new base items, feats, and more!
  • Increased the maximum rank for Artifacts to the final rank 200
  • The number of Artifact Catalysts has been reduced from 21 to 3
  • Weapon Mastery abilities correctly do more damage than their non-Weapon-Mastery versions

You can check out the full update notes on the official DC Universe Online webpage. Additionally, check out the official trailer below.

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