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DC Universe Online Opens Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower Event and Reveals a Roadmap For The Rest of 2022

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Dimensional Ink is loading up DC Universe Online for a slate of activities for fall, with the Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower seasonal event, which is now running through October,  and features the sisters Starfire and Blackfire, along with the Teen Titans.

This event will run through October 6th. The story starts when Blackfire inherits the Throne of the planet Tamaran and exiles her younger sister Starfire on false charges,  in order to consolidate her own power. Starfire keeps returning to petition her sister for relief but gets turned down all the time and once again, banished. So this year is a little bit different because she's been banished into a party thrown by the Teen Titans to cheer her up.

With the update taking place on Titans Island and inside Titans Tower, the party will feature games, and a celebration, along with rewards. Of course Blackfire is not pleased so it will be up to you to battle and make sure the cheer up Starfire party continues.

This event is ready to lend some fun to DCUO before the next big content update in October. Episode 44, the sins of Black Adam will be going live in October after some delays. With the upcoming Black Adam movie, this content will offer Normal and Elite versions of new on-duty content, event versions, and feature characters like Black Adam and Shazam.

That episode will also include open world missions, a Duo, an Alert, and two new raids.  all the content and storyline will take you to locations from Egyptian myth, and there will be new player rewards with gear, new styles, and more available.

October will also bring back The Witching Hour fall event. The Dimensional Ink team has released a general content overview for what to expect for the rest of the year and even a peek into January. 

You can read the full details over at DC Universe Online.


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