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DC Universe Online House of Legends Out Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you missed it with all the Gamescom info yesterday (we don’t blame you), DC Universe Online’s Episode 41 House of Legends is out now.

Two days ago, the official DCUO Twitter account shared House of Legends was launching on August 25 for PC and console. And since today is August 26, that means you can jump in and check out this latest episode.

During House of Legends, which was first announced back in July, you’ll answer The Monitor’s call to as you gather in his House of Legends (get it?) to prepare for an imminent threat to the multiverse. What exactly is that threat? Well, that’s a bit unclear, but The Monitor's directions are not. You’ll train up and find new allies.

Alongside this new update is a new shared hero and villain social hub, streamlined with everything a player could possibly need to prepare for battle. Additionally, Doctor Fate’s daily rewards are added which, as the name implies, brings new daily rewards into the mix.

The big new feature as part of House of Legends is the Allies system. Through this system, you can improve your overall potential by recruiting new Allies to help you in and out of battle. Allies available for recruitment include Cyborg, The Flash, Professor Zoom, Flashpoint Batman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, and Flashpoint Aquaman.

New rewards for this DCUO’s latest episode include new gear, feats, and styles inspired by The Monitor and Tempus Fuginaut. You can check out additional details for House of Legends here.


Poorna Shankar