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DC Universe Online Game Update 102 and St Patrick’s Day Event Launch Today

Optimizations for Nintendo Switch too

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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DC Universe Online has shared details on Game Update 102 and their St. Patrick’s Day event.

First up, new feats are available, including:

  • That Feeling Something's Off
  • Dressed to Perplex
  • Jynxed! You owe me an… umbrella?

Additionally, St. Patrick’s Day missions are available. You’ll be able to explore Mxyzptlk's Metropolis weekly instead of daily. Do note that rewards have been adjusted to account for this. Additionally, “A Fool and His Gold” saw requirements changed, specifically the requirement around Golden Coins. You now only need 23 coins instead of 22.

Some other patch notes touch on Episode 36: Part II, including,

  • Fixed a bug in the strings for the Event mode content in the On-Duty menu which incorrectly stated that players would get Source Marks as a reward up to CR 276, when it is actually CR 275.
  • Event Mode stat clamping has been adjusted to give players higher stats.

Nintendo Switch has seen the install size optimized and drastically reduced. You’ll most likely need to uninstall then reinstall. Be sure to check out the full notes here.


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