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DC Universe Online Celebrates 11th Anniversary With Events And Gifts For Players

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's anniversary time again for DC Universe Online, with the free-to-play MMORPG celebrating its 11th year since release. This year's event, running from January 11th through the 31st, will see players participate in the anniversary event as well as get some freebies as a thank you from the Dimensional Ink team.

For starters, Dimensional Ink is bringing the Attack fo the Anti-Monitor event, with open world missions, raids and more. Players can expect new styles, such as gear inspired by Lex Luthor, feats and much more with the anniversary event. 

"The anniversary event is back, featuring open world missions, the Centennial Collapse Raid, the Speed Force Flux Raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear Solo.

Open your Mission Journal and look for "Monitoring the Situation," queue up for events in the On Duty menu, or use the Warp Menu to go directly to the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone."

In addition to the event, Dimensional Ink games is giving players some free gifts, including a free character advance to CR310. In addition to the boost, players will also see a gear suit updated with the Lex Corp Salvation Style, bleed material, as well as Episode 41 and 42 Posters. If you're an all-access member you'll recieve quite a bit more, including a new House of Legends Lair, House of Legends base item pack, a Member Reward box and more.

You can check out the full details of the anniversary event on the DCUO website. Recently, over the holiday, the team at Dimensional Ink took on exploiters harming the MMO thanks to an "obscure and challenging" bug affecting the MMO.


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