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DC Universe Online Adds Ultraviolet Nightmare Bosses, Legion of Doom Feats, and Tweaks Early Endgame

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DC Universe Online’s latest update adds Ultraviolet Nightmare Bosses along with more Legion of Doom feats, some new rewards, a new Artifact, and changes to Omnibus and early endgame content.

Since things don’t stay quiet for long, Ultraviolet Siniestro has brought out an Ultraviolet Nightmare Boss challenge in Doomed Washington D.C. If you’re looking to take on the challenge, you may be rewarded with new boss drops like the Ultraviolet Uplink Device, or if you’re really lucky, the Henchmen Uplink Device: Ultraviolet Lanterns. To coincide with more Legion of Doom related content, there are a slew of Legion of Doom-related feats added to everything involving the Legion. This means the open world content, Duos, Alerts, and Raids for both Normal and Elite modes.

There’s an all new Artifact aimed at hybrid healer builds, and is available from the Constantine vendor. The Clarion will add  restorative power to your weapon attacks. And when it comes to vendors, Cheetah is now one, and she’ll sell level 42 base items and vendor-bought base items from Episode 30 to the present content.

 The changes in the update that have to do with Omnibus and early endgame content were based on community feedback on stat scaling and gameplay. Elite mode early endgame will now skill players down to +20 combat rating which is up from 15. Players who are downscaled in Elite mode early endgame now have the option to block to heal. These changes, and many others in the update, are intended to keep the content available and accessible to different players and groups.

Finally, in timely DC cross-promotion, there’s a new bundle in the marketplace called the Ultimate Batman bundle. The package includes a Beyond Enhanced Style Suit, the Black Cowl style, the swarming bats aura, a tier 1 bat drone pet, the Bat Signal Uplink, and more.

You can read the complete update notes for DC Universe Online Update 122 over here.


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