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DC Universe Online Adds Blue Beetle Ally, Reveals Episode 46 Details and Arrival on PS5 and Xbox Series X

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DC Universe Online has added a brand new Ally, Blue Beetle. His arrival coincides with the DC film, and can help you take down your enemies and even help your allies. The DCUO team also has a roadmap update, with details on the next few months to come.

If you add him to your collection of allies, you'll be able to summon Blue Beetle during combat to help you out by using his beams of energy to help defeat your enemies. He has an ability called Aggression Motivator that will mark a target for you and your group, and when you attack the target you'll get a heal, a power boost, or a supercharge boost. Blue Beetle also has Infiltrator Mode, which will increase your critical weapon chance when you use a weapon buff ability. He'll be a very strategic Ally for your groups, with a dash of the element of surprise. 

It’s a good week to get a new Ally. Over the next week, there are increased chances to receive Ally Favor and Nth Metal as drops when you defeat enemies. This bonus week begins today and will run through next Wednesday, August 23rd.

The DC Universe Online team has also shared a roadmap update, outlining what is coming between now and December. August began with the Save the Universe event, Which takes  classic content, uplevels it, and adds an extra challenge. This will be around until September so you can still  take part. Now we have Blue Beetle. In September, the Homecoming event returns, and in October, The Witching Hour will be back. December will welcome a new round of Seasons Greedings. 

In between all of this, they will be releasing new allies, artifacts, time capsules, and other additional content. 

There were two very big announcements in the roadmap update:

In October, Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed will be out. It’s an indirect sequel to Episode 34: Justice League Dark. In the new episode, there is a powerful curse affecting powerful magic users, making their powers out of control and dangerous. John Constantine has brought the House of Mystery to Gotham Cemetery and all that's now under attack too. Constantine and Zatanna will ask for help to resolve all of this threat.

Expect open world missions, a new solo, alert, and raid. Featured characters will be Batman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman, Hecate and more to be revealed. There will be new player rewards, gear, new styles, and more. 

Finally,  DC Universe Online will be making its way over to the latest console generation, landing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X sometime this holiday. You will be able to play the same characters on the same servers if you choose to play on a modern console.


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