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DC Comics is Ready to Unleash the Next Great Fantasy/Horror Comic Series

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Believe it or not, but the next great fantasy/horror comic series is coming from the home of Superman and Batman: DC Comics! The series is called "The Last God" and is penned by Phillip Kennedy Johnson. The plan is to release a dozen comics in the series with the first issue headed out on October 30th. The series begins with a history lesson where a fellowship of adventurers defeated a demon tyrant. But 30 years later, "a new generation of heroes" finds out that that may not be true.

Readers will experience the story of The Last God from two generations of adventurers in two completely different epochs. Tyr, the leader of the first group, is hailed as the savior of the world and crowned king. Eyvindir has grown up idolizing Tyr but as he and his fellowship uncover the secrets and the truth behind Tyr's journey, that faith is shattered. "Eyvindir's devotion makes him a greater hero than what his hero actually was," according to Johnson.

According to an interview at Inverse.com, the series is legit 100% horror and 100% fantasy and is a blend of both.

Johnson also says The Last God will satisfy “lore hounds” — his creative team have spent months “pouring hours” to flesh out Cain Anuun to make it feel like it has “always been there.”

“We’re figuring out ways to put the world-building out there besides the comic,” he says. “We want to do source books and YouTube videos so people who are complete lore hounds like I am can have fun.”

Read the full interview and see some page samples at the link above.

Look for The Last God #1 on October 30th.


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