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DayZ Adds Contaminated Zones, Bug Fixes, and Modding Improvements in Latest Big Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With DayZ, the point of the game is to find ways to survive through building, finding community, and making sure you're prepared for anything that's coming. Well, the latest update has added something new to consider: contaminated zones.

You may want to get yourself some protective NBC gear first before you decide to go exploring the areas covered in the green disease-ridden gas. These new zones are designed to be challenging and the Bohemia interactive team wanted them to also be immersive, especially with their ominous contamination and danger. They come in two varieties. Static areas are home to a variety of higher tier loot. Dynamic contaminated areas are more about the world. So grab your NBC gear and get ready to make good use of gas masks and hazmat suits. Of course, gas masks now reduce stamina regeneration as of this latest update, so once again, strategic planning and preparation is going to help you through the newest level of danger.

The update also includes hunting traps, to make the hunting process a little different and even simpler. These include fishnets, snares, and small fish traps. Each trap, when baited in particular ways, will catch a particular type of prey, so you'll have to be strategic too. They've also decided to make your day more fun by adding in tripwires. Look out when you're out and about. Other changes in the update include giving some attention to the game’s helicopter crash sites. There are several model updates and new sounds added that will warn  for helicopter crash sites, along with increased loot chances. 

A significant portion of the update is aimed at the modding community, with a whole long list of script, syncing, and fixes meant to make modding work better and increase possibilities. You can check out the full update notes for more details on the extensive changes made in this new patch. 


Christina Gonzalez

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