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Daybreak's Games Are Heading To The 4Game Platform Per EG7 Investor Report

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Enad Global 7, the firm who acquired MMO publiusher Daybreak Game Company last year, hosted its Q1 Investor presentation, and things seem to be looking good for EG7 following the acquisition. One big bit of news to come out of the report, however, is the fact that EG7 is looking to bring Daybreak's MMOs to the 4Game platform, which EG7 owns thanks to its acquisition of Innova.

The report (via MassivelyOP), cites the desire to bring Daybreak's titles to the 4Game platform as a way to "reduce margin loss" brought on by other distribution platforms. 

"EG7 plants to add its own current and future titles to 4Game in order to reduce the margin loss that traditional distribution platforms entail," the Interim report reads, going on to say that its distribution platform "accounted for 16% of revenue on a pro forma basis."

In the investor report, EG7 is propping 4Game as a distribution platform "similar to Steam," stating that the platform currently has 12 games licensed to distribute, such as Ragnarok OnlineLineage II and AION. The move to bring all the current MMOs it controls to the platform could see that help 4Game expand beyond its hold already in the EU and CIS territories.

The investor report also goes on to talk about life after the purchase of not just Daybreak, but also of Russian publisher Innova, which makes the 4Game move possible, as well as Mechwarrior Online developer Piranha Games, stating that Q1 growth hit 112%, calling it the "highest revenue and profit in the history of the company." 

You can check out the full investor slides and reports on the EG7 website. The team also put together a presentation on YouTube, which you can check out in the embed below. EG7 looks to be aggressively pursuing not just acquiring studios, but improving them as co-founder Robin Flodin mentioned in a community update last month. Flodin mentioned in the update that the goal wasn't just to buy studios and companies, but actively work with them to make them, and the products they offer, better in the long run. 


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