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Daybreak says, "When we're ready, you'll know."

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Today we reached out to Daybreak Studios to ask them about that thing we've all been eagerly awaiting for over two years: EverQuest Next. Well, we're still going to be waiting, but just as former President John Smedley said, we were assured today EverQuest Next is indeed still being hammered away on.

In short, according to Daybreak:

"We'd rather show players what we're working on when it's ready, than tell them about it at a time when it’s not."

So, there you have it. While we're still right where we were before you read this, at least now you know that EQN isn't a forgotten commodity over at Daybreak. I get the distinct feeling that we'll be hearing from Daybreak in a big way, whenever they're finally ready to pull back the curtain on the new Norrath.

Now let's all go back to our crystal balls to predict when/what we'll find out when Daybreak lets the day... break... on EQ Next. Sorry, dad joke. I'll go back to my cave now.


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