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Daybreak Performing Maintenance on All Titles Commerce Systems Tomorrow

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As a quick reminder, maintenance tomorrow means several Daybreak titles like EverQuest 2 will be down for a period of time. Here are the details of that maintenance for what you can expect during downtime.

The downtime itself is set to last for roughly four hours starting tomorrow, May 4, at 8a PDT / 11a EDT. One of the major items which will become unavailable during downtime is account management. This includes the password management and Customer Service petitions.

As the forum post notes:

Launch pad will also see some intermittent outages. You can check out this link for further assistance. Additionally, expect the following in-game, like in EverQuest 2, during the maintenance window:

  • DBC Top-ups, membership purchases in game won’t be available and will fail
  • Current DBC balance may report incorrectly (display “0”)
  • 500 monthly DBC claim will fail
  • Krono won’t be usable and its balance will report incorrectly

For the full details on the maintenance window, check out the full forum post here. And speaking of EverQuest 2, if you’re dealing with burnout, check out our article discussing how we deal with our own burnout.


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