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Daybreak Invites You to H1Z1 Auto Royale, A Vehicular Battle Royale

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Daybreak Games is introducing a new gameplay mode to H1Z1 called Auto Royale, its unique twist on the battle royale genre. The goal is, of course, to be the last car driving. During Auto Royale, up to 30 teams of four players each are challenged to "out-drive, out-shoot and out-last the competition". To do so, players will cruise the map looking for weapons, consumables and power ups...and send the competition to the junkyard.

Currently, players can choose to drive the nimble, quick rolling Sedan or the more stable, powerful ARV. 

Consumables include oil slicks, land mines, vehicle jump, vehicle smoke, corrosive smoke, a repair kit, combat repair kit, high octane fuel or a fire extinguisher. All of this combines nicely with a light machine gun and the ability to ignite oil slicks to create a trail of fire. Players will also be able to perform great feats of daring by stacking up vehicles for barrel rolls and other aerial maneuvers.

During battle, there are two roles for players to fill: Driver and Passenger. Drivers...well, they drive and navigate. The Passengers are charged with fighting off the enemy or shooting power ups to collect. Seats can be exchanged with a single button command. 

Players can obtain new loot by collecting (driving over or shooting) a variety of tiered boxes or by looting the corpses of the enemy. As the battle progresses, the map gets smaller, so there's no shying away from the action.

Want to know more? Cruise on over to the H1Z1 site to check it out.


Suzie Ford

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