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Daybreak Games Will Publish Magic: The Gathering Online in 2022

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Wizards of the Coast has entered into a deal with Daybreak Games to publish and provide live service support for Magic: The Gathering Online.

In a release announcing the deal, Daybreak Games CEO Ji Ham said, “We are very excited to partner with Wizards of the Coast on yet another venture and add Magic: The Gathering Online among our portfolio of iconic multiplayer games“. Additionally, he expanded upon this and said that the game, which originally launched way back in 2002, will get not just support from Daybreak, but they plan to “further invest and improve upon” the experience. There are no details on just what this will mean for MtG:O going forward just yet, but we should expect details on the new publishing and support agreement soon.

Chris Cox the president of Wizards of the Coast noted that Magic: The Gathering Online was their very first digital game release nearly 20 years ago. “We are confident Daybreak Games will continue to build on what we started, spreading Magic Online and bringing fans and players across the globe closer together”, he said in the announcement of the deal. While there have been subsequent releases in the digital space since MtG:O’s original release, the game continues to have a community for its digital tabletop collectible card based play.

The history and influence of Magic: The Gathering has influenced many a game title over the years, so moving it into a modern deal under Daybreak’s publishing is a fit that makes sense. According to a look ahead at 2022 published on the game’s official site, the publishing deal will be rolling out over the next few months while the complete Magic Online team is going to form a new studio under Daybreak and will continue to run the game. 


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