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Daybreak Games has a License Agreement with Marvel According to EG7's Investor Report

Does EG7 + DBG = DC + Marvel?

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Over a year ago rumors were swirling that Daybreak Games was in possession of a Marvel license, and that they may be working on a Marvel MMO. While it’s rare that we work off of rumors that can’t wholly be substantiated, in the Enad Global 7 investor presentation, it all but proves that either sometime in the past, or even currently, Daybreak Games acquired licensing from Marvel.

As the Enad Global 7 investor presentation outlines the current successes of Daybreak Games, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to believe that the Marvel License that Daybreak has, would be current, even if there isn’t a Marvel game currently in production. The report does go on to say that there is an unannounced game in production, but whether that happens to utilize the Marvel license, it’s obviously too early to tell.

Daybreak Games is also in possession of a DC license for their superhero game DC Universe Online. Having another superhero MMO under the Enad Global 7 umbrella could potentially open up host of possibilities, and even clear the way for a crossover event the likes of which comic book fans have been hoping to see outside of comics for decades.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we do not know whether Daybreak has a current Marvel game in production, but we do know that they have acquired a license. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.


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