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Daybreak Games Acquires Cold Iron Studios, Will Act as Publisher

An Acquisition so Alien, it Might Just Work

Steven Weber Posted:
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Today it was announced that Daybreak Games has acquired Cold Iron Studios, which is currently working on a cross platform game set in the Alien universe. The undisclosed game in question will continue its development despite the acquisition.

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, Cold Iron Studios will continue to work independently of Daybreak, and studio co-founder Craig Zinkievich will continue to lead Cold Iron. A statement provided from Zinkievich reads:

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to be part of the Daybreak family. Daybreak and Cold Iron share the same passion and long history for delivering action-packed multiplayer games for audiences worldwide. In combining our decades of experience developing and launching globally successful multiplayer titles, we’re destined to make great games together.”

Cold Iron Studios was founded in 2015 by former Cryptic developers. They now intend to have Daybreak Games act as publisher to their upcoming titles. The new untitled work in development is slated as an iconic sci-fi shooter based in the popular Alien universe. Col Iron Studios is currently hiring to further develop the aforementioned unanounced title.


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