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Dawn of Liberation Event Offers Bounty Hunting & Rescue Ops & More

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From now through July 24th, EVE Online players can take part in the Dawn of Liberation event as they "join the struggle of the Minmatar people". Players will find a range of objectives that provide a variety of ways to accomplish that including through bounty hunting, rescuing slaves from ships and facilities and much more. Along the way, players earn Agency points for completing objectives that unlock rewards.

“The Republic has been working to find a way to allow capsuleers and traders alike to help with the liberation of slaves without putting any unwarranted burden on the liberators,” said Paul Elsy, EVE Online’s Senior Community Manager. “To this end, there’ve been considerations of providing haulers that help with the transport of rescued slaves, beginning the process of assisting them with reintegrating back into society. However, without any incentive, many capsuleers and traders have avoided participating. With this event, there’s more reason than ever to get involved in the fight for freedom, with a whole myriad of rewards on offer.”

Learn more by visiting the EVE Online site.


Suzie Ford

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