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Dawn of Darkness Will Arrive in Blade & Soul Next Week With a New Dungeon and Several Events

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Blade & Soul is preparing to add a new dungeon, new and returning events,  a general server chat, and some more new features in next week’s update, Dawn of Darkness.

The update will be out on August 10th and, while NCSoft still hasn’t revealed all the details yet, they’re preparing for the release and will be doing that up until release.

First off, there’s a new dungeon coming, Shrouded Ajanara, which is a new solo dungeon that will set up the foundation you need to train up in your effort to eventually face and confront Chaos. This is another step after previous dungeon releases like Namdo Shrine, and Altar of the Infinite, so expect similar challenges, but more details are on the way.

Frozen Vipercap Cavern is coming back. If you need to cool down from all the summer heat and intense challenges out there, head to this icy cave. It’s full of mushrooms and has some rewards for you if you defeat the boss awaiting you. The team will also be adding a few smaller events in the update, in case the dangerous ice cavern isn’t for you.

Some of the major updates in this patch are more community-focused. Blade & Soul will have a new world chat channel that will let all players on the same server communicate. Of course, opening up a general chat brings its own potential pitfalls, but when a chat is available like this, it could have its advantages in finding teams or other ways of participating in the Blade & Soul community.

 Also in the update will be a revamp of the daily challenges system, of which the team will have more details coming soon. There will also be two new accessories in the Dawnbright tier. Expect a lot more info about the update from right up until release.

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