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David Brevik's Graybeard Games Announces ARPG 'It Lurks Below' for 2018

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Former Gazillion Entertainment (Marvel Heroes) and Blizzard North developer David Brevik heads up a studio named Greybeard Games. The team has just announced its first title, an ARPG called It Lurks Below. According to an extensive article at Polygon, It Lurks Below "combines Diablo-style dungeon plumbing mechanics with sandbox style worlds that let players dig and construct ala Terraria and Minecraft".

Brevik likened the game to being a roguelike mix of games he's worked on in the past including Hellgate: London, Diablo and Marvel Heroes. 

Graphically, ILB is a 2D side-scrolling pixel game with platforming and roguelike elements. In some ways, it appears like old-school Mario games.

Players will use wands and tools as they travel through the world. Of course, in true ARPG fashion, gear will have stats and attributes. Monsters will also feature individualized stats and attributes, something that hearkens back to Diablo 1.

The closed beta for It Lurks Below is out already, but it is only limited to 200 players for now. However, Brevik expects the game to be out on Steam in 2018.

You'll be able to check it out via Twitch live stream on Friday, February 2nd at 2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern. In the meantime, you can learn more 


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