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Dave Georgeson Interview

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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HomeLAN recently spoke with PlanetSide's creative director, Dave Georgeson.  The interview touches on several issues, including recent MMORPG cancellations, current PlanetSide population, and upcoming content:

HomeLAN - We recently read in Computer Gaming World about plans to add large mech like vehicles to PlanetSide. How did this come about?

Dave Georgeson - We've always intended to add "heavy battle tanks" because the biggest tanks in the game currently are described to the players as "medium battle tanks". I've worked on a bunch of giant robot games, including some of the "Mechwarrior II" series and "Heavy Gear" series. I even ran a paper game company (way back when) that tried to compete with FASA (unsuccessfully) with a "Mecha!" game. So...heavy battle tanks being designed by a guy with giant robot experience. You come to your own conclusion. ;)

You can read the interview in its entirety over at HomeLAN

Click here to visit the official PlanetSide website.


Reed Hubbard