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Dauntless Team Shares a Few Clarifications Regarding the Move to Epic

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Yesterday, Phoenix Labs raised a few eyebrows with the announcement that it would be migrating Dauntless to the Epic Games launcher and that the Epic Store would be the exclusive PC platform. After learning that the process to migrate to Epic, players expressed concerns that player information was being shared with Epic without their consent. However, this is not the case and devs have some clarification to offer to players.

There has been some confusion regarding Dauntless' arrival onto the Epic Games store, so we wanted to clarify a few items. First off, account linking will be an opt-in process - no one will have their account linked without their participation. Phoenix Labs hadn't specifically called this out in the FAQ, and will communicate this more clearly going forward.

During the process, Phoenix Labs is not sharing any personal info with Epic. People who opt in will use an email and password to login, and whether or not that's the email they use for Dauntless it won't affect the linking process.

Learn more about the move to Epic by visiting the Dauntless site.


Suzie Ford

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