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Dauntless Team Goes Behind the Scenes on Thunderdeep Drask

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest State of Dauntless community update gives us a behind the scenes sneak peak into the development of the Thunderdeep Drask. Check it out.

The Thunderdeep Drask was introduced not too long ago as part of Patch 1.7.1. You can find the Thunderdeep Drask on the Slumbering Thunder event, only on Cape Fury in the Hunting Grounds. If you missed our coverage of the new behemoth, catch up here.

The State of Dauntless community update touched on the legacy of the Thunderdeep Drask. As the story goes, it actually first launched back in 2017 during a closed beta. But at the time, and over the course of development, the Thunderdeep Drask didn’t meet the team’s internal quality bar. So it kept getting pushed out. However, at some point, players asked what happened to the behemoth.

As the team put it,

“We knew we wanted to return to the dire version of this Behemoth and show it some love, but over time, a lot of the original pieces had become a mystery. Some key bits of information were missing, so a quick polish pass wasn’t an option. As such, we opted to forge ahead with other new Behemoths and features … But the call of the Thunderdeep Drask was always there in the back of our minds.”

Eventually, of course, the team revisited the Thunderdeep Drask and began the rework which included new animations, new moves, and more. The full post has small film reels you can watch showcasing the before and after results of these animations and moves.

The team then discussed the future and what it might hold, including what 1.7.2 means for the Thunderdeep Drask,

“With the launch of patch 1.7.2, this legend will be unleashed into other parts of the Shattered Isles — so listen closely for the telltale crackle of lightning lizards breathing down your neck!”

Before Dauntless officially received the Thunderdeep Drask, the team added sub-classes and a new Hunt Pass. Although it’s received some pretty big changes and feature improvements, you can still get a good idea of what to expect in Dauntless by checking out our review here.


Poorna Shankar