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Dauntless' Slayer Links Launch Today

Features Unique Rewards

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dauntless has introduced a new way for players to get rewarded when playing the monster hunting game: Slayer Links. Live in Dauntless starting today, the new feature will make grouping with friends more rewarding, and hopefully inspire players to keep the social distancing outside, but hunt together in Dauntless.

The new Social Links can only be forged with people on your friends list, so this isn't a feature you can simply use as a pick up group - it's designed as a "social feature" according to the offical post on the Dauntless website. Players can forge their Social Link through the Social menu with anyone on their friends list. Once done, players can start earning Hunt Pass XP with friends that count towards both Hunt Pass Rewards and Slayer rewards. There are even some items that are exclusive to Slayer Links - such as the "Crown of Friendship" head accessory.

Per the official post:

Each rewards pool is unique to you and the Slayer you’re linked with, so you never know what you might find each time you forge a new link! From elemental orbs and arcstones to Vault coins and patrol chests, there’s always something valuable just a forged link away. And since you can have up to three links active at a time, you can earn from three unique rewards pools at a time.

Each Social Link only lasts for seven days once the link request is accepted, so you'll want to make themost out of your link while it's active. 


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