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Dauntless Reward Caches Launch Today with Update 1.6.0

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Today is the day Dauntless waves goodbye to the Vault and says hello to reward caches. This update 1.6.0 is set to introduce the Infinite Radiance season in game as well, so expect a roadmap for that soon. Here are the details.

First up, Trials have seen a pretty major update. If you’re unaware, these trials are basically based on objectives like winning without getting downed. These are designed deliberately to push a certain skill of combat. This update now separates solo leaderboards by weapon type. It will also now who the total goals completed. Completed goals will get you a higher spot on the leaderboard.

But as we previously reported, the big update, of course, is the reward cache system. this is a seasonal store meant to replace the Vault. You’ll be able to buy items in exchange for the seasonal currency. How long is a season? It’ll be as long as two Hunt Passes. You can unlock rewards with seasonal coins and crystals from daily and weekly challenges.

The Dauntless update also introduces primal behemoths and Perfect Strike. This is how the accompanying press release describes it,

“Strange fluctuations in radiant aether and time energy are being reported across the Shattered Isles. These disruptions are opening rifts to different pockets of time in the past and future. Throughout this season, players will get access to two timelines, each one bringing new Hunting Grounds challenges as well as a new seasonal talent trees unlocking unique abilities, starting this patch with the Past and its Perfect Strike ability.”

Additionally, the update includes a War Pike and Wound rework, in addition to the Time Strike Hunt Pass. Previous patches, like 1.5.5, introduced Hunting Grounds, but patch 1.6.0 is shaping up to be a big one.


Poorna Shankar