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Dauntless Receives Thunderdeep Drask Behemoth Alongside Patch 1.7.1

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new behemoth arriving in Dauntless today called the Thunderdeep Drask. This new monster arrives alongside patch 1.7.1. Read on for more details.

If you want to fight this Thunderdeep Drask, be sure to find The Slumbering Thunder island event. You’ll be able to find Thunderdeep Drask only on Cape Fury in the Hunting Grounds. You’ll also be able to craft a brand-new set of weapons and armor by defeating Thunderdeep Drask. Keep in mind, this new equipment won't replace the existing Drask set.

Patch 1.7.1 also brings new Herioc Escalations each Thursday. Keep in mind, Heroic Umbral Escalation will run from today through July 29. Patch 1.7.1 also brings new quests which continues the story with Dr. Shaed Priyani.

The patch also brings about a bunch of balance changes to Hunting Grounds, Escalation, Drask, and Skarn. Patch 1.7.1 also brings several quality of life improvements and bug fixes including:

  • Fixed a bug where actions that would spend stamina to reduce the chilled status were not working when Cascade’s buff was active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Grace perk would override existing attack speed buffs after sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s model would turn invisible during an attack.
  • Fixed a bug where players would go down immediately after being revived.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Earlier this month, Dauntless received the Wild Thunder updatewhich brought sub-classes, a new Hunt Pass, and much more.


Poorna Shankar