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Dauntless Patch 1.5.5 Brings Private Hunting Grounds

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The latest patch 1.5.5 for Dauntless has arrived, bringing private hunting grounds to the game.

Due to player feedback, private hunting grounds are now a thing. You’ll be able to essentially create a private hunt on any hunting ground island. This means that players in your party will be the only ones allowed on that island.

The patch also brings fixes for the player disconnect issues. Quality of life improvements were also introduced for gameplay, audio, and UI:

  • Player projectiles now pass through the ice wall from Urska weapons’ legendary ability.
  • Added another variation of the frost biome music. Entering a frost biome will randomly select one of the two variations.
  • Torgadoro, Agarus, Shrowd, and Urska’s mastery cards now play their Behemoth roar SFX when selected.
  • Added new quick chat options that let you call out your Frost Escalation avatar. Remember to call dibs!

Check out the full patch notes here.


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