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Dauntless' Latest Update Brings New Hunt Passes, Lightbound Boreus Behemoth And More

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dauntless has released its latest update, bringing new rewards, hunt passes and a Behemoth variant that reminds one of a large, colorful moving mountain.

The new Behemoth variant, the Lightbound Boreus, launches with the latest update, bringing a colorful yet equally scary new Behemoth to the fray. Described as a "new kind of prismatic Boreus," the new Lightbound Boreus follows in the footsteps of the first radiant Behemoth, the Lightbound Koshai. The slow creature is linked to smaller minions psionically, while those who have come into contact with the creature have noted the colorful scales that cover its body, lending to the name. 

"The Lightbound Boreus’ behaviour is erratic, caused largely by cognitive strain from the radiant crystal connection and control. Watch out for its hard-hitting stomps and lethal tail slams, both of which are made more dangerous by the sharp crystallized aether attached to its body."

Also coming with the latest update are new Hunt Passes: Blaze Hawk Down and Dungeon Delvers. These passes give players the chance to unlock special themes cosmetics over the life the pass itself. Additionally, the new season, Dire Discover, offers weekly challenges, story quests and much more for players to dive into in between those hunts for the Boreus. 

Finally, Dauntless' update brings new legendary lantern amps for its Radiant Escalation: the Winter Shrine amp that sees hunters "neither consume nor regain stamina" during the duration of the amp, as well as the Defiant Stone amp that sees the users health set to 1 while the rest is turned into a shield. Once the timer is up the health is restored to normal.


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