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Dauntless Has a New Interactive Map that Paves the Way to the Future

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Dauntless site has been updated with a new interactive roadmap to provide the community with a peek into the game's future. The map is divided into four sections: Improved Interface, Deeper Combat, Expanding Universe and More Activities. Clicking each section reveals more precise details about what will be changing along with a brief developer comment about why.

Some of the changes coming in the future include:

  • Improved UI
    • Loadout Screen - being rebuilt from scratch so all player items are visible on a single screen
    • "Personality" will replace "Style" for players to show off customization
    • End of Hunt Screen will feature better information on hunt rewards and progression to quest and Mastery objectives
    • Loadout Presets
  • Deeper Combat
    • Boreus updates
    • Skraev model will be updated
    • Weapon Mods for expanded gameplay
    • Weapon Specials to refine combat strategy
    • Shrike to get an aesthetic update
  • More activities
    • Hunt Pass Season 3
    • Mastery System to expand combat choices
    • Campaign Rework
    • Hunt Pass Season 4
  • Expanding Universe
    • Epic Games Store
    • Nintendo Switch
    • XBox One / PlayStation 4
    • Mobile
    • Crossplay

Read the details on the Dauntless site.


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