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Dauntless Doing Away With The Vault, Unveils New Reward Cache and Premium Slayers Club

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dauntless is doing away with the Vault store, instead opting for a new monetization strategy called the Reward Cache. According to a new Reddit post, this will differentiate itself from the current Vault system by allowing players to unlock rewards that rotate out at the start of a new season versus the current timeline in the Vault.

Essentially the Reward Cache will functionally replace the current Vault system, with the Vault currency flipping over to Reward Cache currency when the new system arrives. The Reward Cache won’t just include items from the current season, but will cycle rewards from previous seasons the Vault held. These items will simply build up over the course of the season, rotating out once the season ends.

"While new items will be added to the Cache throughout each Season, they won’t rotate out like in the Vault right now. Instead, the items will build up over the course of a few months before all rotating out for the start of a new Season. (You can think of a Season as about 2 Hunt Passes long. Each Escalation cycle was a “Season”)"

According to the developers in the Reddit State of Dauntless report, the recognize that this system will take longer for players to unlock, but they feel it will be “more enjoyable” overall. Additionally, those players who still want to blast their way through rewards will still be able to with the Hunt Pass.

Also coming with this change is the new Slayers Club (whose name can still change as well). This new membership allows players to earn rewards from the Reward Cache faster – if they are willing to pay with platinum. Players can purchase bonuses at a clip of 1, 3 7 or 30 days, allowing them to earn rewards in whichever order they want, as well as “get more out of their hunts.”

The Dauntless team stresses, however, that the Slayers Club is not required to get through any content, rather it offers “time-saving boosts” for those who are interested in them.

“Joining the Slayers Club is not required to access any part of the game, reach any milestone, or overcome any content. It’s just a way to get where you’re going a little faster. It means one Slayer might be able to earn more rewards from the cache in a shorter period of time. That’s how we’re Adding to a premium experience, without Subtracting from the core.”

The Vault itself is leaving the game this year, and before hand the team behind Dauntless is holding a blow out sale for those who want to spend their Vault Coins starting on March 25th and running through April 7th.

For those wondering as well, the current Hunt Pass and Elite Hunt Pass are unaffected by the changes and will continue to function as normal, according to the Reddit post.

You can learn more about the upcoming changes on the State of Dauntless post on Reddit. You can also see how this fits into the Dauntless roadmap here.


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