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Data Center Travel Resumes in Final Fantasy XIV Across All Regions, With Potential Waits During Peaks

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Yesterday’s Final Fantasy XIV update included the opening of new data centers in Japan and Europe, along with new and redistributed servers. The increased capacity also let the team add the Data Center Travel feature, which lets players join others who play on other servers and regions to play together. However, demand exceeded expectations, with 15,000 requests per minute. After temporarily shutting down the feature, it has reopened to all Worlds, with some rules to help for now.

After reassessing access and demand, the team gradually opened the feature up again one world at a time, until it was reopened in full to all players. However, since demand remains super high for this very new feature, they are warning that there might be extended wait periods during peak login and play times. 

“ We will continue working to reduce server load so that travel will be easy even during periods of congestion,” they promise. Congestion and heavy demand are, of course, nothing new when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV, So the community is used to it and even when notified that travel may require up to 30 minutes to happen during peak hours, the demand is still there.

Since the feature is new, and was already overwhelmed on the first day, for this reopening, they want to be clear that it could be taken down again should there be any other issues. In order to prevent the system from going down again, they may reduce or suspend the system for particular worlds or wherever they may need to in order to keep it stable for the rest of the global community. If you are looking to join your friends on another server somewhere, the advice is if you encounter travel not working or a long wait, just be patient or try again later.

For the full update, head to Final Fantasy XIV.


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