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Daru Festival Underway in ArcheAge

Live through May 14

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Daru Festival is currently underway in ArcheAge. Here’s how you can take part in the celebrations.

The festival is set to run through May 14. If you’re level 30 or higher, you’ll be able to partake in daily quests for the festival. You’ll have to get to Ahnimar first, which can be done by taking the World Gate in Diamond Shores, Marianople, or Austera.

Once there, you’ll want to talk to Tarini to pick up your first task involving eggs. You can create an incubator to protect the eggs from Skyfins. The more you assist Daru, the more rewards you can potentially earn. Throughout the festival, you’ll earn Daru Coins for completing various tasks. You can turn them in for rewards.

Here is how the rewards break down:

  • The Great Mission – 15 Daru Festival Coins and The Great Mission Scroll #1,#2, and #3
  • Daru Crest Frame – 50 Daru Festival Coins
  • Hoverbloom Flowerbed – 25 Daru Festival Coins
  • Daroccoli Flowerbed – 25 Daru Festival Coins
  • Daru Streetlight – 20 Daru Festival Coins
  • Daru Statue – 20 Daru Festival Coins
  • Fencey-Fence Post – 15 Daru Festival Coins
  • Fencey-Fence – 15 Daru Festival Coins
  • Mossy-Moss Armchair – 30 Daru Festival Coins
  • Mini-Cradle – 20 Daru Festival Coins
  • Lotus Leafy-Leaf – 25 Daru Festival Coins
  • Adventurer’s Winged Elixir – 5 Daru Festival Coins


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