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Darkfall: Rise of Agon 'Soft Launches' Freemium Version

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Earlier this week, Darkfall: Rise of Agon developers soft launched a "freemium" version of the game "to test the limitations of the free accounts to tweak any changes" prior to a more extensive launch that will come complete with advertisements, a launch video and more. The post provides a detailed look at the free and premium features that are being tweaked. These include the speed of crafting and combat skills, speed of meditation and many others.

Here is the complete list of the current free and premium features:

  • Leveling speed on crafting and combat skills is twice as fast on premium accounts.
  • Leveling speed for meditation is twice as fast on premium accounts.
  • Premium accounts characters will not expire to the backup database, freemium accounts will be expired after 30 days of inactivity. This effects house and clan ownership, characters are restored when account becomes active.
  • Cannot claim a house on a freemium account, existing houses unaffected.
  • Cannot rank higher than Lieutenant in a clan on a freemium account, existing ranks unaffected.
  • Cannot create a clan on a freemium account
  • No multipliers for harvesting, single resource per hit, including with clan nodes on a freemium account
  • Bank space limited to 500 items on freemium accounts
  • Cannot craft mastery items on freemium accounts
  • 20 buy/sell limit for orders on the market on freemium accounts
  • 200k maximum meditation points for freemium accounts
  • Lower carrying capacity on freemium accounts
  • Equipment tier capped at Tier 3 for loot rolls for freemium accounts

You can check out the community's reaction on the Darkfall: Rise of Agon forum.

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