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Darkfall: Rise of Agon Receives Graphical Updates in Latest Patch

Plus events and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Darkfall: Rise of Agon received a new patch over the weekend, with a few updates and graphical tweaks.

First up, there are a couple of events shipping with this patch, including an Easter Egg Hunt and a Monster Toy Scavenger Hunt. Graphical updates include tweaks to textures, shaders, and more:

  • Screen Space Ambient occlusion effect added, can be enabled by enabling post-processing effects in graphics options.
  • Near-complete switch to new PBR shaders for everything, that will enable further graphics features to be added.
  • Replaced main Alfar, Mirdain and Dwarf textures.

The patch also includes a Chaldean Treasure Map, Arthain monster family loot, food recipe and Regen overhaul, elemental arrows, and a Ghostclaw buff. You can check out the full notes here.


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