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Darkfall: Rise of Agon Devs Prepping the Embers of War Expansion

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The Darkfall: Rise of Agon site has been updated with the cool news that the dev team is hard at work on an expansion called Embers of War. The expansion was born out of a laundry list of new features and enhancement the team was working on that they felt would be best deployed in a singular update rather than "piecemeal" over months.

"We are not able to feasibly do the features justice unless we can code them in their entirety as full systems and as such we will focus virtually all resources to these expansion features." the post reads.

Some of the features coming in Embers of War include:

  • Territory Control 1.0
  • Platinum & Wilderness Mines

Between now and the launch of Embers of War, players will still see patches, though they will be smaller. Community members will be allowed to vote on the contents of the patches with a release cadence of bi-weekly to monthly releases.

The post also goes into detail about the Rise of Agon development team and how it will split its resources between work on the expansion and the live game itself.

Learn more by heading over to the Darkfall: Rise of Agon site.


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