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Dark Souls PC Online Features to Remain Off Until After Elden Ring's Release

Bandai Namco is focused on its upcoming huge release first.

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Elden Ring’s release is coming, and Bandai Namco is working hard to be sure that the release goes smoothly. The company has announced that, with the Dark Souls PC releases having technical and security issues, online functions are offline and will not come back until sometime after the February 25th launch of Elden Ring.

Bandai Namco is assuring players that they have been investigating the issues and do have fixes in mind. They have extended the investigation to their infrastructure for Elden Ring in order to make sure all of the security fixes are enabled for the game upon release. This means that Dark Souls fans on PC are going to need a bit more patience to make room for the next big FromSoftware title. The time needed in order to implement the fixes and do thorough testing wouldn’t work with a huge launch on the schedule for which the same fixes and testing need to be done. This decision makes sense when you realize that we’re just about two weeks away from Elden Ring’s release.

In a statement posted regarding the decision, Bandai Namco thanked “our passionate community” and expressed understanding over the frustration. They’ve also vowed to bring back the online service portions of the Dark Souls games as soon as possible and will make an announcement when they have a solid plan in mind and a schedule.

While the games continue to maintain interest and community, no one can really fault Bandai Namco from putting all efforts behind Elden Ring in this matter. With the huge, open world RPG set to embrace both darkness and beauty and expectations high for its world, exploration, and what story it will tell, it’s a no brainer that they have chosen to work to make sure all of these security issues are patched over and strengthened before it’s out.

For more on Elden Ring, head to the game’s official site.


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