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Dark Sorcery Content Comes to Legends of Aria Experimental Server

New dungeon too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Legends of Aria is receiving Dark Sorcery content on its experimental server, and more.

Patch notes include:

  • Summon wisps that can be discharged to cast Sorcerer spells.
  • Wielding a sorcery weapon prevents the user from being healed by any outside (3rd party) source while under the effects of Sorcery.

You’ll also be able to use spells like Summon Chasers, Summon Construct, Affliction, Echofall, Echo Beam, Wisp Armor, and Consume Warp (orb only). Additionally, the experimental server is receiving a new dungeon, called The Monolith:

  • 3 Level Dungeon.
  • 5 Mini Bosses and 1 Final Boss.
    • All non-boss monsters in the Monolith have a chance to drop rare decorations and artifacts.
    • Each boss can drop unique loot as well as loot from a shared loot table.
    • Each monster in the Monolith has some specific loot that only they can drop.
    • Echo Schematics drop from various monsters and bosses in the Monolith and allow crafters, with enough skill, to craft artifact Echo Armor if they have resources.
  • Seek out the entrance to the Monolith in the Southern Hills Cemetery.


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