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Dark Knight Pre-Registration Now Open for Black Desert Mobile

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can now pre-register for the Dark Knight class in Black Desert Mobile with a new pre-registration event. Here are the details.

The Dark Knight is the seventh class to arrive in Black Desert Mobile, and has been one of the most popular classes in the franchise across all platforms.

As per the press release, if you login and pre-register you Dark Knight during the event period, you can look forward to a Red Rose Chest on March 17 and a Gold Rose Chest on March 24, which will reward you with mystical grade items such as Valk’s armor, gloves, shoes.

Siege War is looking to receive changes as well. Moving forward, Siege War will have two time slots: 7pm to 9pm and 9pm to 11pm on each server. Now, Adventurers who could not participate in Siege War because of limited time slots will have greater options to join the fight on the battlefield.

Other new additions include the ability to grow your camp structures up to level 7, which allows them to produce even more goods and operate at greater efficiency. The maximum amount of Boss Knowledge you can obtain is also being raised, letting adventurers earn additional rewards as they can gain increased knowledge.


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