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Dark Battles and Big Swords as Day of the Shadow Lord is Back in Final Fantasy XI, Joining September Bonuses

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Today, Final Fantasy XI gets the Day of the Shadow Lord event’s return. The event will let you get a chance to collect the Shadow Lord’s own swords.

The event will run from today, August 30th, through September 30th. enter the Shadow Lord Battlefield on any difficulty you’d like if you have a Shadow Lord phantom gem. There’s a two-phase encounter awaiting. This is one of the High-Tier Mission battlefields. If you complete it, with a party of 1-6, and are victorious over the Shadow Lord , You will see drops of personal loot and regular loot. 

The Shadow Lord himself is a Dark Knight/ Black Mage type, so be prepared to hit hard with Light. The harder difficulty you play on, the better rewards you have a chance at receiving. Some will even get the chance to claim the Shadow Lord’s sword Nihility. Other options for key loot include Extinction, another sword, and the Great Sword Lament.

If the darkness isn’t your thing or you’re lucky enough to have those swords, maybe a little late summer festival is more fun.

Final Fantasy XI is also looking ahead to the Summer Breeze Campaign, which starts on September 13th. This event will also end on Friday, September 30th and will help with character progression through a series of bonus campaigns. There are so many bonuses to XP, drop rates, extra loot dropping from enemies, modification to the Mog Gardens that give you extra items, and a lot more.

September is looking to be a busy moms for adventurers, and it also fits with the 20th anniversary extension of events to last longer and to be even more rewarding. Among the bonuses you can get are the Chain Experience bonus campaign where chains will give you double or triple XP, increased seal and crest drops, a boost to rewards, from extra items to double loot, and more.

For more on the extensive summer events, see the announcement over at Final Fantasy XI.


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