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Dark Age of Camelot Has a New Server Type in the Works to Refresh the Experience

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Dark Age of Camelot, which marked its 20th anniversary in October, it’s still getting changes and maintaining a sustainable community dedicated to play in this complex PvP MMO. The new producer's letter gives us a look at what to expect from development, including the announcement of a new server type.

Any game that has been running for 20 years will have seen a share of changes. DAoC is no different. Yet in these decisions, it seems that the sustained community is still running successfully enough to consider a new type of server.

The core of Dark Age of Camelot is powerful and timeless,“ the update begins, and talks of possibilities ahead. The team at Broadsword has been working on a new server type that they don’t want to exactly call an “event server” but that also isn’t too far off. This server will feature content at a larger scope and scale and new server access will be available for a longer period than the game’s typical events or campaigns. This will give an opportunity to start a new journey on a level playing field and to focus or remove certain expansion content,  and to craft your own journey with new objectives.

The team will be providing updates on just what to expect from this new server type, as well as continue updating the Ywain server with balance modifications, changes to RVR, and other adjustments. 

It’s reminiscent of how many long running games have been updating their content and other  options for both new players and returning ones to come back and have a different experience. It’s something to feel like you actually have a place to start in what is a long running and well known game and not always have to be there on launch or you’re perpetually behind.

To read the full producer's letter, head over to Dark Age of Camelot


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