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Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates Eighteen Years With In-Game Bonuses and Rewards

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dark Age of Camelot is celebrating 18 years - an eternity in the gaming industry nowadays - and its doing it by celebrating those who have helped get it to this milestone - the players. From now through November 7th, players can enjoy rewards and bonuses, courtesy of the DAoC team.

Until November 7th, Dark Age of Camelot players can expect to gain bonuses on Uwain and Gaheris servers, with each getting a 100% buff to normal xp gain in classic zones and dungeons. Additionally, each will see bonuses to RP, though Ywain will get 50% in "all NF zones (including the Labyrinth)," while Gaheris will see 100% bonus to "normal RP gain in all the capital cities." Each capital city will see bonuses to both crafting speed and skill gain, and housing zones will also see these bonuses, albeit a bit less than the capitals.

Additionally, players can check out the Royal Accountant NPC, located in the player's capital city, relic town or on Ellan Vannin. There you'll be rewarded with your Anniversary Gift Box, though be aware that each  player can only get one. 

Level 35+ characters on non-trial accounts can /use the Anniversary Gift Box item to receive ONE of the following rewards:

  • Anniversary Bounty Scroll: 15,000 bounty points (tradable)
  • Battlefield Potion: 25% realm point bonus (tradable)
  • Draught of Celerity (tradable)
  • Draught of Supremacy (tradable)
  • A Blank Chest, Sleeve, Leg, Boots, or Glove mithril pattern (not tradable)
  • The gift boxes themselves can be traded but still can only be used by level 50 characters.


Keep in mind the bonuses and the gift boxes themselves will only be available through November 7th , so be sure to check out the goodies in Dark Age of Camelot while the celebration is on!


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