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'Damned: New Gods' Is An Open World Action Horror RPG on Kickstarter

35-40 hour main quest

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new open world action horror RPG which just hit Kickstarter called Damned: New Gods.

The project has a goal of $12,800 with 58 days left. If you’re wondering about the comparably low goal, the programmer writes that the game is about 70% done. The other 30% needs the work of a 3D artist for clothing, armor, items, and animation. Voice actors are also needed, which is where that $12,800 comes in.

The game is described as,

“…an action horror rpg, where the player is thrown into a world filled with supernatural creatures and monsters after the death of his sister. Seeking revenge, our crusader learns the way of the hunter and discovers that he has powers no other hunter have.”

It will feature voiced acted dialogue, choice and consequence, and a 35-40 hour main quest. Current risks include budget and timeline. You can check out the full details about Damned: New Gods right here.


Poorna Shankar