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Cyberpunk 2077 Returns to PlayStation Store June 21

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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After (checks watch) six months, it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 will return to Sony’s PlayStation Store. Here are the details.

The history of Cyberpunk 2077’s console debut is pretty well known by this point. Sony had pulled the game soon after its disastrous debut and it has stayed off that platform ever since. In fact, we reported late last month Cyberpunk 2077 may actually remain off Sony’s store for some time longer. Adam Kicinski had noted at the time the decision was actually up to Sony,

“We are still in discussions and with every patch the game gets better and there is a visible progress, but as we said the decision is an exclusive decision of Sony, so we are waiting for the information about the fact that they took the decision to bring back this game. Until then I am not able to tell you anything more.”

Well, it turns out that time has come. IGN reported earlier Cyberpunk 2077 may actually be returning to Sony’s digital shelves soon. They noted the game is now searchable and appears in the store. However, you cannot actually buy it or download it.

CD Projekt, however, confirmed the return of their latest action RPG to Sony’s shelves in a report. They note,

“In relation to Current Report no. 66/2020 of 18 December 2020, the Management Board of CD PROJEKT S.A. with a registered office in Warsaw hereby publicly discloses the decision by Sony Interactive Entertainment to reinstate the availability of the digital edition of Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation Store, effective on 21 June 2021.”

Sony also provided a statement to IGN, noting that users still may encounter performance issues:

"SIE can confirm that Cyberpunk 2077 will be re-listed on PlayStation Store starting June 21, 2021. Users will continue to experience performance issues with the PS4 edition while CD Projekt Red continues to improve stability across all platforms. SIE recommends playing the title on PS4 Pro or PS5 for the best experience."

And there you have it. If you’ve been craving to hop into Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation consoles, you’ll soon be able to buy it and play. If you want.


Poorna Shankar