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Customize and Command Your Squad Against the Xenomorphs and More in Aliens Dark Descent

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You are a commander of Colonial Marines with the task of stopping a Xenomorph outbreak on the moon Lethe in Aliens: Dark Descent, the next game in the classic Alien franchise.

Not only are you fighting against the Xenomorphs, you are also fighting against operatives sent by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and, as Focus Entertainment reveals, new original creatures.

You're the commander, operating with your squad, customizing them with different classes or weapons. you’ll need to strategize and develop your base to develop new tech and other ways that will help you through your mission. You'll have to manage your resources, keep your team safe, and take calculated risks against your very formidable enemies.  it will be difficult, and your team members could be lost forever, or potentially even suffering bad moral or mental breakdowns.  you'll start with access to 5 classes and dozens of ultimate specializations.

The game was announced at Summer Game Fest with an ominous trailer showing some of the remnants of another mission. Will you be the one to succeed? Well, It will take a lot of work as you strategically lead your team and change your tactics in this all-new original Alien story. You'll face alien queen, human commandos, facehuggers, and other familiar and unfamiliar enemies.

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