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Cuisine Royale to Implement The Seasons of Grande Cuisine Starting with Italy

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Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software have announced a new series of in-game events that will be focused on the foods of various nations throughout the world. Of course, this will all be implemented in a humorous way. The Seasons of Grande Cuisine will kick off with a celebration of Italy where players will be collecting items to create great cuisine in the form of "Fancy pizza pants, Mafia suits, Venetian masks, Provocative graffiti, Antique gravestones & more".

To cook such unique dishes, players require special ingredients:

  • Basic ingredients, like Enemies Tears, and rare ones, like Intimidated Critics Reviews, can be earned by completing daily tasks.
  • Specific kitchenware, like the deadly meat grinder, which can be received for completing weekly challenges.
  • A portion of the recipes requires a premium ingredient, which for the Italian Season it will be Godfather’s Cookbook and can be purchased in the game shop.

Each season will last several weeks before changing to another nation's fun.

Learn more on the Cuisine Royale Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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