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Crystal Dynamics is Looking for a New Lead Producer for Marvel's Avengers

Steven Weber Posted:
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When it comes to Marvel’s Avengers it’s hard to stay a true believer. It’s no secret that the game has had quite the tumultuous history. After lagging sales, tons of bugs, and performance issues the game began to find its footing, but it has yet to live up to the expectations that Square Enix has had for it. Recently, Gameplay and Systems Designer Lead Brian Waggoner informed the public via Twitter that Crystal Dynamics is looking for a new Lead Producer. Will we see Marvel’s Avengers get back on track soon?

Back in November, we reported on Square Enix’s somewhat pessimistic view of Crystal Dynamics’ handling of Marvel’s Avengers. The comments that SE President Yosuke Matsuda expressed during the SE annual report was likely a demoralizing experience for Crystal Dynamics. Despite the odds quickly stacking up against the team, Crystal Dynamics has soldiered on, and recently released Patch V2.3, which introduced a new mission chain, updates to missions changes to matchmaking and several new features. The patch also fixed a ton of bugs, but fell short of fixing a handful of known issues the team presented in the patch notes.

Looking ahead, the team at Crystal Dynamics aims to bring in a new Lead Producer, according to a recent tweet by Lead Gameplay and System designer Brian Waggoner, whose work on the much beloved, but now shuttered MMO Marvel Heroes, made him an ideal candidate to take the reins and steer Marvel’s Avengers in the right direction.

The Lead Producer role will manage various initiatives on Marvel’s Avengers and help organize the game’s vision across the numerous departments working on the game. Despite bringing on a Marvel game veteran with Waggoner, Marvel’s Avengers is still struggling to bring players back. Currently, the game sits at an abysmal concurrent daily players count on Steam of around 700 enduring Marvel fans, down from it’s all time high of 31K players two years ago. While it would be fair to say that the active player numbers on Xbox would be substantially higher due to it’s recent addition to Game Pass, and the lump sum of players would likely be on PlayStation due to the highly controversial Spider-Man exclusivity, the Steam numbers still inks a panel that the game hasn’t resonated the way Square Enix expected it to.


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